Mission Statement

As quantum physics reveals, absolutely everything that exists in the Universe is made of energy - energy that vibrates at different frequencies. Some of these energies, such as the visible light spectrum, are observable in ordinary reality. Some of these energies, such as ultraviolet light, x-rays, and gamma rays are vibrating at such high rates that they are invisible in ordinary reality but are detectable and measurable with technology and equipment more sensitive than our own five physical senses. And some of these energies are vibrating at frequencies so high and so fine that they are undetectable by any man-made technology yet developed. Although we cannot observe or measure these energies, they carry information and they are constantly reflecting, guiding, and shaping our lives. Many of these energies are archetypal, intuitive, and spiritual, and many exist at the level of potential.


Current findings in quantum physics dovetail with ancient traditions of mysticism from all over the world, and this cutting-edge science is beginning to provide empirical evidence for seemingly supernatural occurrences. While these energies are not visible, human beings who are sensitive to them - whether with inborn gifts, conscious development and practice, or some combination thereof - can feel them, read them, and communicate the information they carry to others. 


Does that sound like a huge responsibility? That’s because it is.


Readings. Ritual. Reinvention.

We are fluent in a wide variety of esoteric traditions (e.g., Tarot, Alchemy, Mediumship Communication, Crystal Knowledge, and The Akashic Records) and we offer a variety of different kinds of readings. Many times, a reading ends up blending different modalities. The sitter may request a specific kind of reading, or decide to let the session unfold organically, with the facilitation and support of his/her/their Guides.

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We sell unique, sacred artwork, jewelry, products, and tools that are created by their makers with healing energy and clear intention. The goal is to enhance your personal spiritual journey and support your individual experience of the Divine.