Tarot for All!

Learn and Practice Tarot Card Reading


Are you attracted to the mysterious images of the Tarot, but intimidated by them, too? Do you enjoy getting professional readings, but wish that you could learn how to read the cards yourself, your friends, and your family? Perhaps you've even tried to learn, but were turned off by all of the formulas and memorization the endeavor seemed to require? If so, this class is for you!


Using the endlessly rich Thoth/Crowley-Harris Tarot Deck, this is an intensive 3-week course in learning to read the Tarot, designed for beginners but open to all levels of expertise. Jennifer will go over the historical origins of the cards, teach you the basics of this fascinating symbolic system, and lead you in a series of short exercises that will help you build mastery and gain confidence.


Tarot history, Major and Minor Arcana cards, tarot suits, numerology, and court cards will all be discussed. Everyone will thrive in a safe and supportive environment where questions are encouraged and all are engaged with the topic in a spirit of curiosity and play.


Course requirements: your own deck (any size) of the Thoth/Crowley-Harris tarot cards.


Recommended: your own copy of Keywords for the Crowley Tarot by Hajo Banzhaf and Brigitte Theler.