Akashic Records and Readings

The Akashic Records are a vibrational/energetic archive of everything that has ever happened, is happening, or will happen on our planet Earth. Every word. Every deed. Even every thought.  Pretty mind blowing. And within that infinite resource are records of each individual Soul and its journey through space and time throughout its particular series of incarnations. They are a deeply sacred dimension of light and consciousness, which can be accessed and interpreted to bring profound understanding, deep healing, and lasting peace to those who consult them.


In the past, The Akashic Records were used as a tool of divination (e.g., Edgar Cayce). But today, as our entire planet transitions to a higher vibration, they can be used by everyone as a resource for empowerment and a tool for conscious evolution. Knowledge about past (and future!) lives from The Akashic Records can help us to transform on our quest in our current incarnation.


People sometimes confuse or conflate an Akashic Records reading with Past-Life Regression. The main difference is that in an Akashic Records Reading the reader is fully conscious, deliberate, and intentional when asking for particular past-life information, and the information received will be practical, relevant, and useful to the sitter in his/her/their life as it is being lived right now. These Records belong solely to the sitter, and can only be opened with the sitter’s expressed permission.


I like to use Linda Howe’s Pathway Prayer Process [TM] to open the Akashic Records, which requires only the sitter’s permission and full legal name, which is a kind of vibrational signature. Then I perform a type of conscious channeling, which is sort of like me translating a conversation between you and your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones who oversee and protect the integrity of your Records. 


Certain questions work better in The Akashic Records than others, but part of what I’ll do is help you craft/construct your questions to get at the information you want/need. In general, questions about time (“When” will something happen?), requests for predictions (“What” is going to happen?) and Yes/No questions are not very effective. Questions that start with “What”, “How”, and “Why” are the ones that really get results


I love working in and through The Akashic Records. They are such a powerful transformative tool that I encourage anyone who is interested in them to learn how to read them.