Mediumship and Mediumship Readings

A Medium is a person with the ability to communicate with the living consciousness of people who have physically died.


People seek out consultation with a Medium for a variety of reasons. A reading can assist in the grieving process for those who have lost a loved one, give closure and healing where there is lingering pain, and provide powerful evidence that spirit and consciousness continues after death. When loved ones come through from the other side, they reassure us that they are always with us, providing guidance and protection, observing our important life events even though they are no longer with us physically.


If requesting a Mediumship reading, I recommend staying open to whatever unfolds. While I will make every effort to contact a specific person, if desired, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to bring him/her/them through. However, I do promise that someone will be there On The Other Side to communicate, and that it will always be a comforting and positive experience.  


Mediumship is conducted in a wide variety of ways. I mostly do mediumship through The Akashic Records (see below), so the information that I bring through tends to have a greater emphasis on the message for the sitter and the emotional healing that these deeply personal messages engender. Attending one of my Mediumship Galleries [LINK] is a great way to become familiar with my particular style of spirit communication, to see if it is right for you.