New Moon and Full Moon Rituals

My New Moon and Full Moon Rituals are based on the groundbreaking work of astrologer Jan Spiller. In her 2001 book, New Moon Astrology: The Secret of Astrological Timing To Make All Your Dreams Come True, she gives detailed instructions for how to design personal wishes that coincide with each New Moon of the zodiacal year. It is a powerful astrological cookbook full of recipes for manifestation and I highly recommend it.


I tweak Spiller’s formula a bit. In order to strengthen the potential for positive manifestation, I prefer to set intentions (in the present tense) rather than make wishes (in the future tense). And just as each New Moon is an opportunity to set a new intention to draw something into your life, I believe that each Full Moon is an opportunity to release whatever no longer serves you. 


The key is to know what areas of life and dimensions of consciousness each zodiac sign rules and to tailor your intentions to harness the primordial power of each lunation. And that is exactly what we will cover as we design and prepare each New and Full Moon ritual together!


Within the supportive and confidential energy of the group, we will use candles, crystals, oracle cards, and journaling to craft specific intentions that will support our unfolding personal goals.


New Moons are magnetic and activating; use them to set intentions for new beginnings and to attract new experiences and states of being into your life.


Full Moons are cleansing and purifying; use them to banish negative patterns and programming, to release limiting beliefs and behaviors, and to surrender damaging, draining codependent relationships.


You can take your experience of these rituals to another level by having an analysis of your personal astrological Birth Chart, which will allow you to key your New and Full Moon rituals to your personal House placements for the rest of your life.


In order to allow time for my personal attention and guidance, each ritual will be limited to 6 participants. Reservations are therefore recommended, although walk-ins will be accommodated whenever possible.