Jennifer Chapman

The Owner of The Chambered Nautilus considers herself a 21st-Century Alchemist and an Artist of Sacred Tools and Objects. She is a serious student of esoteric wisdom, a psychic intuitive and medium, a compassionate spiritual counselor, and a passionate teacher. Using a wide variety of healing modalities - including the Tarot, the Akashic Records, mediumship, crystals, and ritual magic - Jennifer strives to empower her clients to recognize and trust their own intuition and to live life in alignment with their Soul and its Purpose. Passionate about teaching the skills she has learned to others, she encourages all those whom she meets on the path to cultivate an ever-expanding awareness of the divine journey of their souls.

I grew up in Indiana, on the shores of Lake Michigan,
and on Cape Cod, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

My Story

I am a psychic intuitive counselor, and I have been doing personal readings and honing my skills for the past 12 years. Although there were certainly hints along the way that my life would lead to this type of work, I was not at all conscious of my abilities or potential until I was forced to cope with the profound emotional trauma of my divorce. Before that happened to me, I absolutely believed that certain other “gifted” people had special psychic abilities [I paid for my very first tarot reading when I was still in high school, back in the 1980s!] , but I assumed that one had to be born with them. I have since discovered that we are all born with them, but some people are much more conscious of them than others, and - like anything else worth doing well - developing psychic abilities to a level of reliability takes dedication and practice. Interestingly, it is often some kind of physical, emotional, or psychological shock that triggers latent psychic intuitive abilities to spontaneously “bloom” in otherwise ordinary people. This was my path, but there are many others. 



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