Ocean Ritual

October 30th 6 pm

The Chambered Nautilus

242 Main Street, Gloucester MA

Rebecca Pearson, Apothecary Suil Crow
Jennifer Chapman, The Chambered Nautilus


Please join us as we invoke and honor the Ocean Gods and Goddesses of the waters of Cape Ann on the Eve of Samhain! This time-honored Olde World magical tradition began among the ancient Celts and continues to this day. Happening when the Veil Between Worlds is at its thinnest, this is sure to be a powerful and enchanting evening you won’t forget!

The night will begin at The Chambered Nautilus, Jennifer’s new destination for all things metaphysical, located in downtown Gloucester. From 4-6 pm, there will be exclusive shopping hours and a 20% discount for event participants.

At 6 pm, you will join Jennifer and Rebeccah around a festive table adorned with elements of the earth and sea. They will speak of the history of this ritual, guide you in setting your intentions, and help you write your petition to the Ocean Deities on a paper scroll. Rebeccah will provide the sacred vessel - a loaf of bread - which we will stuff with our deepest wishes and fondest dreams. The bread will then be wrapped and readied for offering.

Next, all of us will embark on a journey (by car caravan!) to the edge of the ocean, where we will cast a circle and call the corners. Your offering will be given to the ocean and we will - individually and collectively - experience sign of the Gods’ and Goddesses’ acknowledgement.

Participation is limited to 20 people, so please reserve your space as soon as possible.

Register now by clicking ticket link. You must reserve your spot before the event.

The cost for the event is $50 per person, with partial proceeds donated to The Open Door Food Pantry of Gloucester.

*Please note that you must have your own transportation to and from the beach. And please wear footwear that will be easily removable, because we will be placing our feet in the ocean!