Oracle Cards and Readings

Oracle Card decks are more modern and simplified than Tarot decks. They don’t have the comprehensive structure or long traditions of associated meanings, and for this reason they often come with their own interpretive booklet. The number of cards can vary widely, although numerological Master Numbers are popular (e.g., 22, 33, 44). People are usually attracted to the theme of the deck or the style of the artwork.


Some oracle decks are intended to train your intuition, often by pulling a “Card of the Day.” Some decks are meant to help you discover your own inner wisdom, serving as reflective and emotional prompts or providing positive affirmations. Still others are more similar to Tarot cards in that their system is large and coherent and therefore allows you to do more complex readings for yourself and others. 


Some Oracle Card Readers like to use several decks at once. This can have very interesting results, especially when a particular theme is validated repeatedly or when the layering of the cards emphasizes a message from different perspectives. In general, Oracle Card Readings may lack some of the finer detail and nuance of a Tarot Reading, but sometimes that’s okay. 


Oracle Cards are a wonderful tool for beginners who might find the complexity of the Tarot system intimidating. I often recommend them to new students embarking on a course of psychic development to help them “get their feet wet”. Oracle Decks or Angel Decks also offer a friendlier option for those who grew up in religious traditions that were suspicious of or hostile to Tarot cards. Many Christians have been taught to fear Tarot cards, and oracle cards can feel less threatening.


While there is nothing at all to fear from the Tarot, an Oracle Card reading might be the best option for you if you prefer a more playful, light-hearted approach to your questions, or if you’re new to intuitive readings and find yourself a bit apprehensive. They are beginner-friendly and yet, in the right hands, just as accurate a tool as the Tarot.