Tarot Cards and Readings

The Tarot is a deeply ancient tradition of wisdom and divination.
It is a symbolic system of visual and numerological archetypes used to interpret the unseen energies surrounding a person’s life or a given situation. Using the cards as a tool, the Tarot Reader taps into these energies with her intuition. 


A Tarot deck consists of 78 cards - 22 Major Arcana or Trump cards, which denote important life events and turning points, and 56 Minor Arcana cards. The Minor Arcana cards, which signify more quotidian, practical matters, are further organized into four suits: Cups (feelings, emotions, meaning, and love), Wands (energy, inspiration, passion, and spirituality), Swords (mental energy, intellect, reason, and thought), and Pentacles (material resources, physical security, abundance, and wealth).


Each individual card has a long history of traditional associations and interpretations. Historically, readers have used prescribed “spreads” to lay the cards out and interpret meanings according to their positions. I myself do not use spreads, as I usually find them rigid and inefficient. My own method is more interrogatory - carefully crafting questions that will yield the information desired.


The origin of the Tarot is unknown, but hotly debated. The oldest surviving paper decks originated in the city-states of northern Italy (Milan, Parma, Bologna) during the early part of the  High Renaissance (c. 1450), but many believe that the body of occult knowledge that they codify has roots in deeper time: Medieval Alchemy, Classical Astrology, Hebrew Kabbalah, Ancient Egypt, or even the mythical civilization of Atlantis! What I feel is important is simply to recognize that the Wisdom Tradition carried by the Tarot is likely much older than the vehicle of the deck of printed-paper cards, itself.


A Tarot card reading can help you find clarity and direction in life situations that are complicated, anxiety-provoking, or confusing. After a reading, you should feel empowered to go forth and make the best and most informed decisions you can for your own happiness and well-being.