Why "The Chambered Nautilus"

Q: Why is your store called “The Chambered Nautilus”?


A: The Chambered Nautilus - a marine cephalopod related to squid, octopi, and cuttlefish - is one of the very oldest animal species on planet Earth. Its primordial origins help explain its uncanny appearance: a tentacled alien encased in a submersible shell!


The many-tentacled creature secretes its own shell around its soft, vulnerable body for protection from predators. As it grows in size, the animal squeezes forward inside its pearly home and closes off a thin wall behind it. The smaller chambers that the Nautilus has outgrown accumulate behind it in the graceful form of a logarithmic spiral. The animal remains linked to its outgrown chambers through a living channel that extends from its body, called a siphuncle. It uses this muscular tube to fill and empty the chambers with water in order to rise and fall through the water column, much as a submarine uses ballast.


The particular proportions of this famous spiral pattern - known as The Fibonacci Sequence - are found throughout the natural world: in Nautilus shells, in patterns of plant growth, and even in the formation of galaxies. And throughout centuries of painting and sculpture, artists have used The Fibonacci Spiral in their compositions as the basis for The Golden Ratio, which is considered the most visually pleasing artistic proportion.


As such, the Nautilus Spiral is a classic form in Sacred Geometry, illustrating the famous esoteric dictum that “That which is Above is related to that which is Below; that which is Within is related to that which is Without.” Thus are all things in Creation energetically connected, in a web of Divine Unity and Oneness.


The 19th-Century poet (and Supreme Court Justice) Oliver Wendell Holmes immortalized The Chambered Nautilus in his famous ode of the same name. In the poem, he imagines the animal and its shell as being like the immortal soul inside the physical body, and the ever-larger compartments representing the growth of one’s Soul, ever closer to God. Although the moralistic Victorian sensibility of the poem can sound a bit heavy-handed to modern ears, it was one of the very first serious poems I was exposed to as a child, and I have always loved it. 


As an adult, after many years of esoteric study and especially my intensive training in reading the Akashic Records, I have come to appreciate The Chambered Nautilus as the perfect visual metaphor for another spiritual concept: the soul growth that takes place during the cycle of reincarnation. Thus, I see each empty chamber as one of a Soul’s previous lifetimes. Those past lifetimes are part of us, and like the Nautilus we carry them with us - usually unconsciously. It is healthy and necessary that we live in the outermost chamber, but our past lives are related to our present, and sometimes we need some ballast to stabilize us in our current lifetime and course-correct. Thus we can use the channel of the Akashic Records to tap into those stories when we need guidance, insight, or healing.


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We are fluent in a wide variety of esoteric traditions (e.g., Tarot, Alchemy, Mediumship Communication, Crystal Knowledge, and The Akashic Records) and we offer a variety of different kinds of readings. Many times, a reading ends up blending different modalities. The sitter may request a specific kind of reading, or decide to let the session unfold organically, with the facilitation and support of his/her/their Guides.

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